Reviews & Testimonials

Hear what real customers are saying about their Pure Environments by Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. N95 respirators!

Great quality, best price I could find online, super comfortable. Very happy with my purchase.

Kirstin E.

These respirators do the job! Love the head straps. Much more comfortable than the ear loops we were used to, especially when wearing for extended periods of time. Also love that their individually wrapped so I can store in the glovebox or pocket when traveling. 

Mike L.

These shipped really quickly and offer great protection. They’re also easy to breath through. We rarely go to crowded places but until our state lifts the mandate, we will continue to wear these in the grocery store etc.

Andy G. / Google

I was a little hesitant to buy these since there are so many fakes online, but these were definitely worth it! Much cheaper than anything I was able to find at any brick and mortar stores. Happy with my purchase. 

Jane B.

My first priority was finding a real respirator, my second was comfort. This passed both tests and at only $1 each, they were a bargain compared to what others are selling these for online. Thank you!

Loyd W.

These respirators fit really well and are comfortable to wear (even with my husbands big head!) I also wear glasses and found these respirators to be the most comfortable ones I’ve been able to find. Will be purchasing more for our family soon.

Brigit G.